I began taking an interest in wildlife from an early age and being born in the South Wales Valleys meant that I had numerous beautiful sites to choose from with many varied habitats.

I gained a real passion for birds and began to travel further and further afield to see local and endemic species. I studied at an environmental college where my interests were added to with the study of plants and fungi, habitats and the environment.

From here my interests continued to grow and I started to lecture in ornithology specifically looking at bird anatomy, how to help the birds and one of my favourite topics, how the Dinosaurs developed into the birds we see around us today. I also gained a Diploma with distinction in this subject and was presented with a student of the year award.

I prepare and conduct numerous guided nature walks to hundreds of sites throughout Wales and beyond and I also take small groups on bird watching trips abroad covering Spain, Mallorca and Lesbos with all the driving done for you.

I also visit schools where the children are taught about the varied wildlife on their doorstep with natural history artefacts brought along for them to see and hold such as a vultures wing feather, beaks, feet, shells, skins and much more.

To date I have written four books on ornithology, two local guides, a look at my travels around the world as a natural history enthusiast and my fourth looking at how and where to watch birds on Mallorca.

I also conduct ecological surveys for consultancy firms and businesses from birds to plants and continuing to enjoy our wonderful natural history, all of which is passed onto my guests who join me for walks, talks and courses.