Bird ID

Bird Eggs
We offer a range of courses designed for local wildlife groups, colleges, Churches, private individuals and persons wishing to enhance their survey skills, identification skills and confidence. Courses are available throughout the year. Please use the contact form for further enquiries.

Bird identification course:

  • This is designed to take you away from the fear of recognising birds and to encourage you to have a go at improving your identification levels. You will be shown how to quickly identify a bird species down to the one you are looking at by a simple but effective and clever method of elimination which I have successfully used over the years. You will be shown how to use a field guide effectively and why the species are listed in the orders they appear.
  • You will get to see and hold a variety of different shaped beaks and skulls, feet and feathers with an explanation of how they work and what they are made of.
  • You will learn about bird signs to look for such as pellets, feather remains, nest holes and other clues and you will also learn about bird song and calls and how to recognise them.
  • This will be followed by a guided bird walk to put your new skills into practice and to finally see that identifying birds and their songs needs not to be as daunting as first feared.

This course is ideal for beginners and intermediates and will definitely set you on the road of enjoying birds and wanting to learn more.