Why choose to come on one of our walks or attend a talk?

I am very passionate about wildlife and will share my enthusiasm and expertise with you. I get a personal satisfaction from seeing the expression of our visitors when they see a species for the first time or learn something new. Our walks are set out at a comfortable pace with flora and fauna of interest pointed out on the route along with the local history and it is also an opportunity to meet new like minded people. Questions are encouraged and I guarantee that you will learn new things, be inspired and wanting to come on more of our relaxed and fact filled walks.

  • Brecon Bridge
    Walks and Tours
    Through our extensive knowledge and experience we deliver high quality guided nature walks and guided tours here and abroad covering bird...
    Nature Talks
    Our talks are delivered to you at a venue of your choice via power point (our own equipment is provided) using a selection of persona...
  • Goose on Nest
    Bird ID
    We offer a range of courses designed for local wildlife groups, colleges, Churches, private individuals and persons wishing to enhance ...
  • Cap de Formentor 3
    Survey Training
    For students, ecologists, wildlife volunteers or groups looking at how to conduct a bird survey confidently then this course is designed ...
  • Slimy Beech Caps
    Education Visits
    Whether you are a staff member or volunteer associated with primary or secondary school class, a member of the Cu...
  • Madeira Cricket
    Wildlife courses
    Talks and courses are catered for the individual, schools or groups, and can be at whatever time scale you have available. Staff have...