Survey Training

For students, ecologists, wildlife volunteers or groups looking at how to conduct a bird survey confidently then this course is designed with you in mind. Based out in the filed in a habitat relevant to the type of survey you need to conduct you will be shown how to complete a survey from the start right through to the report at the conclusion. Other survey training can be made available, pleased use the contact form for further information.

There are several kinds of bird related surveys that clients can request such as vantage point surveys (usually associated with turbine sites for example), breeding bird surveys, winter bird counts (estuaries and the coast), roost counts and nest box surveys.

You will be shown how to risk assess a site for your personal safety and equipment you will need. The technique required to record the species will be explained fully showing how to set out and include the relevant data to record species.

We will also show you how best to assess a site to establish which route you will walk to maximise the best chance of seeing as many species as possible and to record flora and fauna that may be relevant to the report showing what may be encouraging birds into that particular area.

An example of a report will be shown to you along with showing you how to set out a report and how to record all the information in a relevant and concise manner prior to it being handed over to a private client, local authority or building firm.

This course will boost your confidence and guide you on how to conduct a survey and how to present your findings on time.

Preliminary or Phase 1 Surveys are now compulsory. Ecology Cymru make every effort to anticipate the requirements of detailed or Phase 1 surveys, keeping costs and delays to a minimum and ensuring they are fully acceptable to the Regulator. We recognise how survey costs can add up and, wherever possible, we’ll synchronise survey planning with your resources, making intelligent use of new technologies to optimise efficiency and reduce risk, cost and delays.

Ecology Cymru provides ecological surveys covering the following criteria:

  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Badgers
  • Hedgerows
  • Phase 1 Habitat Assessments
  • Plants / Fungi

Surveys are supplied with a full written report and our staff are fully insured.

The benefits of our ecological surveys include:

  • A high success rate of planning consent
  • Reduced risk of project delays and associated cost
  • Competitive survey price
  • Added value – as well as the ecological constraints we’ll identify opportunities for biodiversity gain