Wildlife courses

Bee Pollen

Talks and courses are catered for the individual, schools or groups, and can be at whatever time scale you have available. Staff have current CRB checks which can be produced at any time.

Talks and Presentations.

Available for schools, community groups and individuals on Birds, Wildlife, Plants and Fungi. A collection of natural history objects are brought along for a really hands on look and include the a selection of feathers, beaks, feet, snake skins, shells and much more.

Bird Field Craft Skills.

Want to learn how to identify birds and their calls? Want to be able to watch them without scaring them away? During this course catered to the time you have available, you will learn identification by sight and call, stealth, looking for movement and how to scan large open areas to maximise the species you will see. We also look for signs such as feathers, pellets, feather remains, woodpecker feeding holes and much more.

Bird Anatomy – What Makes A Bird?

How does the brain work? How do our bird’s touch, sound, taste and smell. How does a bird see and how do they fly? What is a feather made from? We look at different beaks and feet and much more is covered on this course. Home tuition available. A mixture of artifacts and other natural history objects are shown during the course.

Evolution Of Birds.

Looking at the evidence available which suggests that birds descended from the Dinosaurs. We will look at the meteorite impact of 65,000,000 years ago and the effects this may have had. Synopterix and Archaeopteryx, the Pterosaurs, the Terror Birds including the 13ft tall Dronornis Stirtoni, early Cretaceous birds and the extinction of the Dodo, Great Auk and Passenger Pigeon are all looked at. We also look briefly at Darwin and an evolutionary spanner in the works.

Helping Our Birds.

Learn what to feed your birds, when to feed them and where to put food, bird food recipes, do’s and don’ts, which plants to grow to attract birds and hygiene. Learn where to put nest boxes and bird tables. Learn about the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.